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Under the radar: The Democratic Party is in Dire Straits by Steve Schneck

     Nobody is talking about it, but the Democratic Party is in dire straits—really dire straits. Its future depends on a sweeping reorientation, both toward its traditional roots in the working class and toward the prospects of America’s changing demographics. Yet that needed reorientation requires vision that is not in the wheelhouse for its frontrunner presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, for the outgoing President Obama, or for the inside-the-beltway party leadership as exemplified by Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

     Only a new generation of party leaders, willing to forego the wedge issues of identity politics and campaign strategies narrowly focused on mobilizing of the party’s base, can avert catastrophe. What’s wanted is a new generation of leaders who can advance a party agenda that balances the pragmatic issues of America’s 21st century working class with a sincere call to all Americans to join in governing that serves the public interest. - See more at www.USCatholic.org