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Kristen Day
Executive Director

Kristen Day, Executive Director of DFLA

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Kristen Day is the Executive Director of Democrats For Life of America and oversees all operations of the Washington, D.C. office.

Kristen began her interest in politics at Michigan State University where she was elected to serve as a Precinct Delegate during her sophomore year. She worked for State Representative Rick Sitz and went on to work for the Government Affairs Office at Michigan State University. After graduation, Kristen followed her lifelong dream to work on Capitol Hill where she eventually rose to serve in the highest position as the Chief of Staff for Congressman Jim Barcia.

One of her passions was working to pass pro-life and pro-family legislation and also advocated for Democrats who oppose abortion. Working for the Democratic Co-Chair of the Bi-partisan House Pro-life Caucus, Kristen set up a whip operation to alert pro-life Democrats when critical pro-life votes were going to come on the Floor or in Committee. Also, in this capacity, she helped Democrats For Life connect with other pro-life Democratic elected officials and private citizens who were interested in helping the organization grow. Additionally, she worked with pro-life groups to remind them that pro-life Democrats are not only needed but essential, for pro-life legislation to pass the House and Senate.

Day’s articles have been published in the LA Times,  Washington Post, Harvard Crimson, the National Review and other Publications. She is the author of Democrats For Life: Pro-Life Politics and the Silenced Majority published by New Leaf Press in July 2006.  The book outlines the history of the pro-life Democrat movement.  She was published in the 2006 Notre Dame Journal on Law and Public Policy with a piece entitled, "Politics and the Culture of Life-Why I am Still a Democrat."

Day speaks on behalf of women and pro-life Democrats. She has been a guest on radio talk shows like NPR's Talk of the Nation and has appeared on FOX News, MSNBC, EWTN and other major news outlets. She has been quoted in USA Today, The Washington Times, Boston Globe, Chicago Tribune, The San Francisco Chronicle and other news outlets.

Harriet Bradley 
Director, African American Outreach

Maria Oswalt
Director, Graphics and Design

David Donofrio
Director, Candidate Recruitment and Outreach

David Donofrio is a proud central Ohioan, and a Board of Education Member for the South-Western City School District, Ohio's 5th largest district. Professionally, he works for the Prairie Township Fire Department, is a singer/songwriter, and lives in Grove City with his husband, Ryan, cat Ohio and dog, Bella. David has been deeply involved in campaign management, graphic design and volunteering for candidates since John Kerry for President when he was 18.

As chair of the Candidate Committee for DFLA, David meets weekly with directors who manage the full cycle of the candidate process, from recruitment to endorsement, to support during and after a successful campaign. His specific role directing candidate Recruitment involves seeking out opportunities to find those who might run for office across the country, and he works with a team that walks potential candidates through the deciding process in an initiative called #RunProLife.

Teague Broquard
Research Director


Sophie Trist
Messaging Director

Sophie Trist became involved in the pro-life/consistent life movement her freshman year of college and has never looked back. She graduated with a B.A. in English writing from Loyola University New Orleans in May of 2020 and hopes to pursue a career as a novelist, English professor, and CLE activist. In the past, she has contributed to the Secular Pro-life and Rehumanize International blogs, and she hopes to keep spreading the whole life message through her writing. Sophie serves on the Candidate and Research committees for Democrats for Life of America.

Dan Green
Communications Director

Daniel Green is a proud resident of Minneapolis, MN and has been a consistent supporter of pro-life and whole-life issues throughout his life. He graduated from North Central University in 2019 with a B.A. in Church Leadership and Communications. Daniel also holds a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, plays multiple instruments, and has a love/hate relationship with Minnesota sports.

Heavily involved in Andrew Yang’s 2020 presidential campaign, and other political organizations in Minneapolis, Daniel believes in building a different world free from poverty and economic injustice— which he hopes will help mothers choose life. He works on all forms of communication for DFLA, but primarily focuses on social media.

Aaron Covarrubias
National Advocacy and Lobbying Director

Ella Duus
Director, Youth Outreach

Ella Duus is a student from Huntsville, Alabama where she actively participates in Speech & Debate and Alabama High School Democrats. Ella also runs a nonpartisan blog for the nonprofit Purple America. She became involved with Democrats for Life during the spring of 2020, and kicked off the Young Pro-Life Democrats program in October. Ella is proud to chair Young Pro-Life Democrats and be part of the Pro-Life Generation.

Jon Kozesky
Development Director

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