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First Lady Donna Edwards

Louisiana First Lady Donna Hutto Edwards has long been active in her community, supporting various  civic organizations, schools and church groups. Early in her marriage, she worked with military families  whose loved ones were being deployed while now Gov. John Bel served as an Army Infantry Airborne  Ranger. 

As first lady, she advocates for teachers, public education, music, art and movement education. An  entrepreneur and children’s book author, she has published A Bandit in the Mansion series and will soon  release the inspirational scripture and prayer desk calendar, God’s Daily Grace. It was her deep  commitment to serving her community and the state of Louisiana that led to the launch of her blog, Loving Louisiana and the Louisiana First Foundation in 2017.  

The Louisiana First Foundation supports three causes dear to her heart. Teach MAM (Music, Art and  Movement) is an initiative that encourages Louisiana schools to include the three disciplines as part of  their core curriculum. Louisiana Fosters helps connect foster children and parents with local, government  and faith leaders, and it’s through this platform that she started the statewide campaign, “One Church, One  Family, One Child.” Lastly, human sex trafficking prevention and awareness is something she is very  passionate about.  

She also hosts Virtual School Visits with the First Lady that enables her to interact with students in every  corner of the state. First Lady Edwards has also made it her mission to restore and preserve the history and  beauty of the Governor’s Mansion and gardens, making it a place that the people of Louisiana are proud  to call their own. You can learn more by visiting It’s a resource for  teachers, children, parents and everyone interested in learning more about Louisiana. 

Representative Kathy Dahlkemper

Kathy Dahlkemper is Executive of Erie County, Pennsylvania, who also previously served as a Democratic Member of Congress for PA-03.

Rep. Dahlkemper is passionately pro-life and a proud voice in favoring of ending abortion extremism in the Democratic Party. She successfully fought in Congress for funding for the Pregnant Women Support Act.

Representative Lincoln Davis

Congressman Lincoln Davis was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 2002, representing the fourth district of Tennessee for eight years. In Congress, he chaired the National Prayer Breakfast, led the weekly Congressional Prayer Group, founded the Kurdish-American Caucus, and was recognized for his bipartisanship.

As a state legislator in Tennessee, he passed landmark legislation to protect victims of domestic violence. As a member of Congress, he was an outspoken defender of the right to life. He was the proud recipient of a 0% rating from NARAL Pro-Choice America, voting to end partial-birth abortion, end embryonic stem cell research, and bar funding for abortion under federal Obamacare plans.

In 2007, he voted to grant the pre-born equal protection under the 14th Amendment. In 2020, he was a lead signatory of DFLA's letter challenging the Democratic National Committee to end its abortion extremism.

Senator Katrina Jackson

Senator Katrina Jackson is among the loudest advocates for life in Louisiana. A lawyer by trade, she wrote the law concerning admitting privileges at abortion clinics that was unjustly struck down by the Supreme Court in June 2020, as part of the June Medical Services decision.

She was also the lead sponsor of the Love Life Amendment, which in November 2020 overwhelmingly passed with the approval of more than 60% of Louisiana voters. She has spoken twice at the March for Life.

From 2012 to 2020, she served in the Louisiana House of Representatives, transitioning to the Senate in 2020. As a Whole Life advocate, Senator Jackson has also been at the forefront of efforts to end the death penalty.

In 2020, she was a lead signatory of DFLA's letter challenging the Democratic National Committee to end its abortion extremism.

Representative Angie Hatton

Representative Angie Hatton is a Democratic legislator in rural Kentucky. She has a 100% pro-life voting record, voting 15 times since she was elected in 2017 to protect life.

Rep Hatton represents a conservative part of Kentucky that mostly voted for Trump in 2020.

She is a lawyer, a mother, and the Minority Whip for Kentucky's Democratic Caucus.

Representative Russell Ott

Representative Russell Ott is a Democratic legislator from South Carolina, where he represents House District 93.

For six years, he has served as Assistant Minority Leader.

He is a former lobbyist and administrator, having previously worked for the South Carolina Farm Bureau Federation. He has two sons.

Representative Colleen Garry

Representative Colleen Garry is the most outspoken voice for life in the Massachusetts state house, where she has served since 1995. She holds a JD from Suffolk University Law School and also runs a part-time law practice.

Rep. Garry has strong support from local labor unions, in addition to having picketed alongside them in the past.

She is heavily involved in her local community.

Representative John DeBerry

John DeBerry served as a state legislator in Tennessee from 1995-2020, representing District 90 in Memphis. He currently serves as a Senior Advisor to the Governor of Tennessee.

A pastor in addition to his legislative duties, DeBerry, with his family, participated in the Civil Rights Movement. A bold advocate for life, Representative DeBerry voted for Tennessee's Heartbeat Bill and has been outspoken in his defense of life.

In May 2020, the mostly-white State Executive Committee of the Tennessee Democratic Party voted to remove him from the Democratic primary ballot, mostly due to his strong pro-life voting record. In 2019, Planned Parenthood had called for his removal.

Representative Joel Sheltrown

Joel Sheltrown is a Democratic politician from Michigan and former legislator in the Michigan House of Representatives.

Prior to his political career, Sheltrown served in the US Navy, performing service in Vietnam, the Philippines, and West Germany.

Throughout his career, Sheltrown has been outspoken in favor of life, the labor movement, public education, and a progressive tax structure. Today, he works in government affairs. Sheltrown and his wife, Teresa, have three children.

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