What does Whole Life mean?

A systemic vision of life seeks to expand the moral imagination of a society, not partition it into airtight categories... A consistent ethic of life seeks to present a coherent linkage among a diverse set of issues. It can and should be used to test party platforms, public policies" and candidates for office.”

Cardinal Joseph Bernardin

Archbishop of Chicago 1982-1996

DFLA is based on a Whole Life Philosophy, also called the Seamless Garment or Consistent Life Ethic.

According to this philosophy, every human being is worthy of dignity and respect, from fertilization to natural death. At DFLA, we oppose abortion, assisted suicide, and the death penalty. We also advocate for better healthcare and real action on systemic racism. 

This position has been embraced by numerous people across the religious and cultural divide:

  • Catholic Cardinal Joseph Bernardin
  • Jewish atheist Nat Hentoff
  • Quaker Rachel MacNair

Our goal is to break the ideological mold of this country, recognizing both the failures of the Democratic Party and the Republican Party, while advocating specifically in the Democratic Party for a genuinely humane and progressive position on abortion that recognizes the rights of pre-born children and their mothers.

We are for the people, not the powerful. We work for neither Planned Parenthood, nor Wall Street.

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