Women Need More Support, Not More Abortions

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Women Need More Support, Not More Abortions
Washington DC -- The death of a New York woman as a result of a late-term abortion at a Maryland facility has sparked an investigation by the Maryland Medical Examiner. According to the Long Island News 12, the 29-year old married kindergarten teacher from New Rochelle, New York died last week after suffering complications from an abortion performed by Dr. LeRoy Carhart, a physician who travels the country to perform late-term abortions.
Despite the dangers of third-term abortions in nonsurgical physician-staffed clinics, New York Governor Cuomo has proposed an expansion of this type of abortion, as part of a Women’s Equality bill that addresses human trafficking, violence against women, and equal pay for equal work. The Governor’s 2013-2014 budget eliminates funding to support pregnant women but allows unlimited government money to pay for abortions.
“Women’s advocacy groups should be outraged about the heartbreaking death of this young woman and join us in rejecting Cuomo’s abortion expansion bill while supporting funding to assist pregnant women and new mothers,” said Kristen Day, Executive Director of Democrats For Life. “The pro-choice groups have completely abandoned their call for safe, legal, and rare with a philosophy of abortion on demand at taxpayer expense. It is bad for women and goes against our democratic values that historically advocate for health and safety protections for all.”
Very few doctors perform late term abortions because they are dangerous to women. Such abortions are performed in out-patient clinics, so if something goes wrong, the patient then has to be transported to a hospital. In the case of the New Rochelle woman, Dr. Carhart, who lives in Nebraska, was unavailable for follow up because he was already traveling on to his next destination, leaving the woman and her family with no follow-up care when they became concerned about her health. This is the second death of a woman having a late-term abortion performed by Dr. Carhart in a nonsurgical setting.
“Let’s not let another woman die from a late-term abortion, and let’s not let another woman think abortion is her only choice,” said Day. “It is time for the New York government to represent the will of the people who overwhelmingly support reasonable restrictions on abortion to protect the health and safety of women.”
A majority of Americans and New Yorkers oppose late-term abortions and 84 percent of Democratic respondents to a recent poll support requirements that abortions clinics “be regulated the same as other medical facilities for the health and safety of patients.”  New York voters also believe that women have adequate access to abortion and a majority of respondents indicated that abortion should be a last resort -- 78.8 percent and 72 percent respectively. Seventy-two percent of Democratic respondents agreed that abortion should be safe, legal, and rare, but also a last resort. In that same poll, 35 percent of respondents self-identified as pro-life democrats. In the poll, a majority of Democrats supported providing accurate information to women before an abortion (89 percent), parental notification (71 percent), and waiting periods for women seeking abortion (72 percent).  The results of the poll are a little higher, but similar to Gallup results on Democratic voter attitudes on abortion.
“In a state that has the highest abortion rate in the nation, the recent death of the New York woman calls to question what is needed and wanted in New York.” said Day.  “The answer is clear. Women need, want, and deserve more support, not more abortions.”


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