Historic Pro-Life Summit

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We are planning an historic Pro-Life Democratic Summit in St. Louis, Missouri, on September 20 and 21, 2013. Please save the dates on your calendar. It will be a great opportunity to meet pro-life Democrats from all over the country and give you the tools you need to go back to your state and help build the pro-life Democratic movement.


Here are some of the panels we are planning:

  • Being pro-life is more than opposing abortion and more than single issue voting: A Whole Life view;
  • The Best of the ACA - The Pregnant Women Support Act and other pro-life provisions in the ACA;
  • The Big Tent: How Do We Expand and balance pro-choice and pro-live voices within the Party;
  • Bringing pro-life voters back to our Party;
  • The Party Platform and neutralizing abortion within the Platform;
  • Winning Local Races and Grassroots Building of a Pro-life Democratic Presence in Party Structures;
  • The Future of the Pro-life Movement: Millennial, Democrat, Pro-Life.

As always, planning an event of this sort is going to take a lot of funding up front to secure space. We need to raise $20,000 so we will have seed money for deposits and other pre-event financial requirements.


If we do not raise enough funds, we will not be able to plan and host this very exciting event.


We need your help!  Donate today!