Morgan's College Essay

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185One of our DFLA members, Kristen Hayes, forwarded me her daughter's college essay.  I was so impressed with this young woman's compassion and understanding of the complexity of abortion that I immediately asked if I could share it with our membership.

We hear that young people are more pro-life than previous generations. Slogans, such as "I survived the abortion holocaust" from Generation Xers and "Abortion is not a Human Right" from Millennials have replaced the baby boomer signs calling for a "woman's right to choose".  In 1995, the year Morgan was born, for every ten live births, there were three abortions.  That number, sadly, has remained fairly consistent.

Morgan could have been on the wrong side of the statistic.  Her mom, a young college student, was pressured to have an abortion, but instead decided to choose life, despite lack of health insurance and little support outside of her family and close family friends.

Most women do not face the decision to have an abortion and are misled to think it is a "quick and easy solution" to an unplanned pregnancy.  Never mind the volumes of research and testimonials from women and men who had, or encourage someone to have, an abortion.

Morgan writes, "I am pro-life because I want women to know that they do not need to forfeit their child to fit into a mold of society, and I hope that one day this nation transforms so that women no longer have to suffer in silence."

Young advocates like Morgan give me hope that this day will soon be a reality.

You can read Morgan's essay here.

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