ACTION ALERT: Attend Defund PP Rally

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This Saturday, August 22, 2015, the pro-life community will rally together to protest Planned Parenthood.

We encourage you to attend a rally near you. Please do the following:

  • Hand out the DFLA Flyer; and
  • Encourage people to sign up with DFLA.

The media has not been reporting the truth about what Planned Parenthood is doing. The goal of the rally is to put pressure on the media to report the truth and encourage government officials to investigate and defund the abortion giant.

A recent poll indicated that a majority of Americans support defunding Planned Parenthood once they hear about the content of the video's. However, Reporter Emily Stephenson's own headline contradicted the poll's results when she wrote that a majority of Americans still support Planned Parenthood.

At first, the poll respondents show support for Planned Parenthood. Once respondents are informed about the content of the video's, including Planned Parenthood haggling over the price of the hearts, lungs and livers of aborted children and also learn that they consider altering the procedure to preserve intact "specimans", support evaporates rather quickly.

The poll indicated that support for Planned Parenthood funding drops from 54% to 34% of respondents supported defunding Planned Parenthood after hearing about the video's. You can see the poll results here.

That is why we must spread the word to ensure that no tax money goes to Planned Parenthood and instead will be allocated to organizations that protect women's healthcare needs.