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Cuomo Kills Women's Equality Bill

Democrats for Life of America
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June 24, 2013
Democrats For Life Urges Passage of Other 9 Points and New 10th Point to Support Pregnant Women
Washington, DC –Democrats for Life of America expressed disappointment over Governor Cuomo’s failure to pass a Women’s Equality bill and challenged  the New York Assembly to reconvene and pass the historic measures. The Governor’s abortion expansion language clearly prevented  passage of a package of bills to support women’s rights to address issues such as employment discrimination, paid maternity leave, domestic violence and human trafficking.
“The Governor had an opportunity to promote equal rights and opportunity for women,” said Kristen Day, Executive Director, Democrats For Life of America.  “ Instead, he advanced a cause for a vocal minority who want unfettered access to abortion.  Now his pro-choice allies and Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver are still blocking the nine points passed by the Senate.”

New York Dems Urge Cuomo to Support Women - Not Abortion Industry

Democrats for Life of America
Democrats For Life of New York
Contact: Kristen Day -202-220-3066
April 18, 2013                                                                                                                           
New York Pro-Life Democrats Urge Governor
to Support Women – Not Abortion Industry
Albany, NY – New York Pro-life Democrats held a press conference this week to oppose Governor Cuomo’s abortion expansion proposal and to call for more support for pregnant women and their unborn children, the codification of federal law, and a re-commitment to Democratic values that protect the weakest—even if they are unborn.
“Abortion is big business in New York with unlimited public funding and an abortion rate twice the national average,” said Kristen Day, Executive Director of Democrats For Life of America. “The Governor’s proposal will not address the high abortion rate nor help pregnant women. The Governor’s proposal will help an influential and financially flush corporation increase its customer base and profit margin; that sounds more like a Republican value.”

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