DFLA Urges Supreme Court to Uphold Religious-Freedom

Rights to Object to Facilitating Abortions DFLA filed an amicus curiae ("friend of the court" brief in two U.S. Supreme Court cases to support conscience rights of business owners and their corporations. The brief of Democrats for Life of America and former congressman Bart Stupak, both of whom supported the Affordable Care Act as a whole, focuses on the fact that the Hobby Lobby and Conestoga owners and companies object to facilitating drugs and devices that they reasonably fear may cause termination of a new embryo. "Our nation has a longstanding and pervasive tradition of accommodating conscientious objections to facilitating abortion," said Kristen Day, Executive Director of Democrats...


Kristen Day, Executive Director, Democrats For Life of America The time to overturn Roe is long past due, but we should not be celebrating just yet.  First, we need to remain calm and wait for the official decision from the Supreme Court. Second, if the Supreme Court does choose to overturn Roe, it will return the legal questions back into the hands of the people and those they elect. We have an incredible amount of work ahead to ensure that we protect women and children in a post-Roe world.   The Court clearly made a mistake 50 years ago when it took away these decisions from the people, and now we as a nation are so polarized that we forget that there are real people...

Statement: Abortion Pills Not Progressive, Harmful to Women

The ongoing discourse surrounding abortion pills within the Democratic Party warrants a critical examination of our principles and policies. As Democrats, we have long championed regulatory oversight and women's rights, yet the current approach to abortion pills raises significant concerns about the welfare of women and the integrity of our values. It is undeniable that our stance on abortion has undergone a troubling transformation, one that seems to prioritize financial gain over the safety and well-being of women. The absence of robust safety standards surrounding abortion pills not only exposes women to various risks, such as complications from undetected ectopic pregnancies and potential...

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