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Legislative Updates

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Federal Legislative Updates:

Senate passes Child Custody Protection Act

Democrats For Life of America (DFLA) issued a plea to its members to call upon their Senators to pass the Child Custody Protection Act. The Child Custody Protect Act passed the House over a year ago by a vote of 270 to 157 with over 50 Democrats supporting the measure. The bill passed the Senate by a vote of 65-34 with numerous Democrats supporting the common sense legislation.

To read more about this legislation and to see a list of Democrats who helped it to pass, click here

Cord Blood Bill passes both U.S. House and Senate

Democrats For Life of America (DFLA) called upon you to urge your Senators to bring the Stem Cell Therapeutic and Research Act for a vote, and the Senate has voted and passed the bill! DFLA applauded the US House of Representatives for the passage of HR 2520, the Stem Cell Therapeutic and Research Act, in a lopsided 413-0 legislative victory. This vote comes after the Senate passed the same bill on Friday. The bill now goes to President Bush for his signature. The bill provides a medically-proven and life-affirming alternative to embryonic stem cell research.

To read more about this legislation, click here

To see the press release from DFLA regarding this important victory, click here

To see a list of Congressional Representatives that signed a letter encouraging the Senate to act on this bill,click here

All but one member of the House voted to pass the bill. See a list of Democrats who co-sponsored this legislation click here

House passes first component of 95-10 Initiative as part of Department of Justice Appropriations

See more about Rep. Ryan's amendment to protect women and children from domestic abuse click here

House defeats amendment that would allow abortions in military facilities overseas

See list of Democrats who helped defeat this amendment here

Despite pro-life opposition, House approves federal funding for embryonic stem cell research

See list of Democrats who opposed embryonic stem cell research here
read the speeches of pro-life Democrats arguing against passage of HR 810 here

House passes abortion restrictions for minors

Read more here
See list of Democrats who supported this bill here

National Advisory Board

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U.S. Senator Joe Manchin (WV)
U.S. Representative Dan Lipinski (IL)
The Honorable John J. LaFalce (NY)
The Honorable Bart Stupak (MI)
The Honorable James Zogby (DC)

95-10 Supporters

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Congressman Tim Ryan (D-OH)—“This legislative initiative will communicate to pregnant women that the community is behind you to carry the baby to term. I am proud that the Democratic Party is supportive of this and that Democratic members are supportive.”

Congressman Bart Stupak (D-MI)—“The '95-10 Initiative' is an aggressive and comprehensive plan to bring down the rate of abortions in this country. We cannot wait for the opportunity to ban abortions before we act. By instituting these programs we can reach out to young parents to offer the information and assistance they need to make the right decision of keeping a life and then help them foster that life by teaching parenting skills and providing adequate healthcare.”

Congressman Lincoln Davis (D-TN)—“The '95-10 Initiative' is a clear indication that the Pro-Life Democrats in the House of Representatives, in conjunction with the Democrats for Life of America, are firmly committed to ending the practice of abortion in America. By looking into the different reasons that women choose abortions, rather than just politicizing the issue, we have been able to come up with a comprehensive and commonsense initiative that will empower women and encourage them to choose life. I strongly urge my Republican colleagues in the House to join the Pro-Life Democrats in this mission so that we can reduce the number of abortions in American by 95% in the next ten years.”

Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur (D-OH)—“This measure makes huge advances in our support of pregnant women, children and, indeed, of all our families, and I am proud to support it.”

Senator Ben Nelson (D-NE)—“Democrats for Life of America share the same goal as most Americans – to reduce the instance of abortion in America. The plan outlined today is a good first step to successfully reduce the rate of abortion by offering alternatives that promote family, promote adoption, and provide education and support for new mothers. I commend Democrats for Life of America for their efforts to bring this issue to the forefront of the agenda and for putting the care and support for newborns and new mothers above all else.”

Congressman Collin Peterson (D-MN)—“As a pro-life Democrat myself I believe that Democrats for Life is on the right track. Lots of Democrats I know are committed to reducing abortions and protecting the most vulnerable in our society. I believe the "95-10" program is something everyone, regardless of party affiliation, ought to be supporting.”

Congressman Jerry Costello (D-IL)—“"If there is general agreement on anything regarding abortion, it is that we all want to reduce the number of abortions. Toward that end, we are sending an important message today, that by working together and using this legislation as a guide we can take steps to drastically reduce the number of abortions in the United States. I urge all of our colleagues to embrace this effort.”

Congressman Jim Oberstar (D-MN)—“Today I join my colleagues in introducing a measure designed to reduce by 95% in 10 years the number of abortions performed in the U.S. This comprehensive measure crosses political and ideological lines to address the root causes and conditions that lead a woman to seek an abortion rather than carry her unborn child to term. It addresses the problem of abortion with kindness and compassion, with a helping hand rather than a heavy hand. I invite my pro-choice colleagues in both parties as well to carefully scrutinize our proposals. There should be little here that they find objectionable and much that they can join us in embracing.”

Dan McConchie, Americans United for Life—“AUL has already seen success with these types of initiatives in states around the country. We look forward to working with state chapters of DFLA to see that 95-10 is implemented at the state level.”

Rev. Clenard H. Childress Jr. Assistant National Director of LEARN (Life education and resource network)—“95-10 will launch a new era for women and children in care and education. It fills the obvious voids in the current system and offers sound solutions for the future.”

Kurt Entsminger, President, CareNet—“The bad news is that our nation is a long way from making abortion “rare”. The good news is that there are numerous initiatives that leaders on both sides of the aisle can support to achieve to achieve that goal. We applaud Democrats for Life for championing an agenda that embraces the women facing an unplanned pregnancy and offers her support and critical information about positive alternatives to abortion. Pregnancy resource centers are at the forefront of these efforts, and are the key players to help reach the goal of making abortion “rare “”.

Tom Atwood, President and CEO, National Council on Adoption—“The National Council For Adoption supports pro-adoption measures proposed in the 95-10 Initiative. As provided for in this legislation, the time has come to make adoption tax credits permanent and to ensure that women with unplanned pregnancies receive timely counseling and accurate information about the positive option of adoption.”

Dr. Randy Brinson, Redeem the Vote—(who also attended the press conference at the Democratic National Committee in Washington, DC.) “The importance of 95-10 becoming law cannot be overstated. While many in the prolife community debate the ramifications of Roe v Wade, there is too little done to obtain a consensus on limiting and reducing unwanted pregnancies and abortion or create a safety net for women contemplating ending their pregnancy. Kristen Day and the Democrats for Life should be commended for their research and dedication to supporting proven techniques and programs that protect women and their unborn babies. This is a bill that deserves bipartisan support and passage”

State Representative Mark Miloscia (D-WA)—“As a matter of faith, I have always stood to protect those that are least able to do so themselves, the lives of the unborn. I believe wholeheartedly in the goals of the 95-10 initiative. Across America, Democrats are waking up and beginning to understand how the unborn also are human life that is to be cherished. It is a movement that is catching on and I plan on introducing legislation here in Washington modeling 95-10.”

DFLA All Stars

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Below is a list of our All Star Pro-Life Democrats (in order by state):

A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z

Judy Belk- 1st Congressional District

U.S. Representative Marion Berry - 1st Congressional District
Senator Tim Wooldridge - 11th District
Senator Jack Critcher - 12th District
Jerry Taylor - 23rd District
Senator Jimmy Jeffress - 24th District
Senator Gene Jeffress - 25th District
Senator Bobby Glover - 28th District
Robert Jeffrey - 7th District
Dewayne Mack - 23rd District
Dawn Creekmore - 27th District
State Representative Dwight Fite - 28th District
Tommy Coates - 48th District
Tommy Dickinson - 58th District
David Wyatt - 72nd District
Ray Kidd - 76th District
Travis Boyd -79th District
State Representative Harmon Seawel - 80th District

Chris Rose - 27th District

Bob Hagenmaier - Congressional District
Carl Joaquin Duncan - 7th District
Dwight Stansel - 11th District

Representative Jim Marshall
Sylvia Delamar - 8th Congressional District
Judge Rick Crawford- 11th Congressional District
Roger Boatright - 7th District
Howard Rainey - 13th District
Terrell Starr - 44th District
Mike Snow - 1st District
Charles Jenkins - 8th District
Stan Watson - 91st District
Carl Bergman - 102nd District
Darrius Geter - 111th District
Terry Evans - 112th District
Greg Morris - 155th District
Woodrow Lovett - 157th District
Bert Oliver - 166th District
A. Richard Roval - 171 District
Jesse Andres Crews, Jrs. - 177th District
Hinson Mosley - 178th District

Dan Lipinski - 3rd Congressional District
U.S. Representative Jerry Costello - 12th Congressional District
John Sullivan - 47th District
State Senator William Haine - 56th District
Gary Forby - 59th District
Joseph Lyons - 19th District
Ralph Capparelli - 20th District
James Brosnahan - 36th District
Bill Scheurer - 61st District
Bob Brown - 70th District
Jack McGuire - 86th District
Gary Hanig - 98th District
Robert "Bob" Flider - 101st District
Bill Grunloh- 108th District
Dan Reitz - 116th District
John Bradley - 117th District
Brandon Phelps - 118th District

Joe Donnelly - 2nd Congressional District
State Senator Lindel O. Hume - 48th District
State Representative Bob Bischoff- 68th District

Bill Gluba - 1st Congressional District
State Senator John ("Jack") P. Kibbie, - 4th District
Tom Hancock - 16th District
State Representative Dolores Mertz - 8th District
State Representative Brian Quirk - 15th District
Thomas J. Schueller - 26th District
State Representative Pat Murphy - 28th District
Ray Zirkelbach - 31st District
Michael McMahon - 32nd District

Tony Miller- 3rd Congressional District
Nick Clooney - 4th Congressional District
State Senator David Boswell - 8th Senate District
James R. Carr - 8th House District
Joseph E. "Eddie" Ballard - 10th District
State Representative Tommy Thompson - 14th District
State Representative Jimmie Lee - 25th District
Mike Weaver - 26th District
Jim Wayne- 35th District
Denver Butler - 38th District
State Representative Robert R. Damron - 39th District
Tom Riner - 41st District
Royce W. Adams - 61st District
Arnold R. Simpson - 65th District
John Will Stacy - 71st District
Rick Nelson - 87th District
W. Keith Hall - 93rd District
Tanya Pullin - 98th District

U.S. Representative Chris John - U.S. Senate
Damon Baldone
Don Cravins
Willie Mount
State Representative Roy "Hoppy" Hopkins - 1st District
State Representative Cedric Bradford Glover - 4th District
State Representative Beverly Bruce - 7th District
State Representative Jane Smith - 8th District
State Representative Billy Montgomery - 9th District
State Representative Jean Doerge -10th District
State Representative James R. "Jim" Fannin - 13th District
State Representative Charles McDonald -14th District
State Representative Willie Hunter -17th District
State Representative Donald "Don" Cazayoux -18th District
State Representative Francis Thompson -19th District
State Representative Lelon Kenney - 20th District
State Representative Bryant Hammett - 21st District
State Representative Tommy Wright - 22nd District
State Representative Taylor Townsend - 23th District
State Representative Joe Salter - 24th District
State Representative Charles W. "Charlie" Dewitt 25th District
State Representative Rick Farrar27th District
State Representative MonicaWalker 28th District
Sharon Weston Broome 29th District
State Representative John Smith 30th District
State Representative Herman Hill 32nd District
State Representative Elcie Guillory 34th District
State Representative Dan "Blade" Morrish 37th District
State Representative Eric LaFleur 38th District
State Representative Clara Baudoin 39th District
State Representative Gil Pinac 42nd District
State Representative Jerry Luke LeBlanc 45th District
State Representative Sydnie Mae Durand 46
State Representative Mickey Frith 47th District
State Representative Errol "Romo" Romero 48th District
State Representative Troy Hebert 49th District
State Representative Jack Smith 50th District
State Representative Carla Dartez 51st District
State Representative Damon Baldone 53th District
State Representative Warren Triche 55th District
State Representative Gary Smith 56
State Representative Robert R. Bobby Faucheux 57th District
State Representative Karen Gaudet St. Germain 60th District
State Representative William Daniel 68th District
State Representative Robert Carter 72nd District
State Representative John Alario 83th District
State Representative N.J. Damico 84th District
State Representative Austin Badon, Jr. 100th District
State Representative Kenneth Odinet 103th District
State Representative Ernest Wooton 105th District

U.S. Representative Mike Michaud
Richard J. Carey - 18th District
Senator Stephen Stanley - 27th District
Joseph C. Perry - 32nd District
John Martin - 35th District
Troy D. Jackson - 1st District
Rosaire Paradis, Jr. - 2nd District
Jacqueline A. Lunden - 6th District
State Representative Herbert E. Clark - 10th District
Raymond G. Pineau - 87th District
State Representative Ross Paradis - 150th District

Senator Norman R. Stone - 6th District
Senator Leo E. Green - 23rd District
Senator Thomas M. Middleton - 28th District
Senator Roy P. Dyson - 29th District
Senator Philip C. Jimeno - 31st District
Senator James E. DeGrange - 32nd District
State Representative Kevin Kelly - District 1B
State Representative John P. Donoghue - District 2C
State Representative Joseph J. Minnick - 6th District
State Representative Emmett C. Burns, Jr. - 10th District
State Representative Anne Healey - 22nd District
State Representative Mary A. Conroy - District 23A
State Representative Joseph F. Vallario, Jr. - District 27A
State Representative George W. Owings, III - District 27B
State Representative Van T. Mitchell - 28th District
State Representative John F. Wood, Jr. - District 29A
State Representative Theodore J. Sophocleus - 32nd District
State Representative David D. Rudolph - District 34B

U.S. Representative Stephen Lynch
State Senator Marian Walsh - Norfolk and Sufolk District
State Representative Emile Goguen - 3rd Worcester District
State Representative Mark Carron - Sixth Worcester District
State Representative Paul J. Donato - 35th District
State Representative Philip Travis - Fourth Bristol District
Edward Connolly

U.S. Representative Bart Stupak - 1st Congressional District
U.S. Representative Dale Kildee - 5th Congressional District
Bill Fuller - 3rd Congressional District
Ed Clemente - 14th District
Andy Dillon - 17th District
Daniel Myslakowski - 46th District
John Gleason - 48th District
Herb Kehrl - 56th District
Dudley Spade - 57th District
Martin Griffin - 64th District
Mike Simpson - 65th District
Michael Sak - 76th District
John Espinoza - 83rd District
Mike Powers - 85th District
Timothy Muter - 94th District
Jeff Mayes - 96th District
Sharon Tillman - 99th District
Joel Sheltrown - 103rd District
Gary McDowell - 107th District
Rich Brown - 110th District
Nick Ciaramitaro, Macomb County Prosecutor
Brandon Dillion - Kent County Commission

U.S. Representative Jim Oberstar - 8th District
U.S. Representative Collin Peterson
State Representative Irv Anderson - District 3A
State Representative Mary Ellen Otremba - District 11B
Bob Keeton - District 12B
Anne Nolan - District 15A
Joe Eckstein - District 21B
Richard Peterson - 22B
Patti Fritz - District 26B
Don Samuelson

George D. Weber - 2nd Congressional District
Joan Barry - 3rd Congressional District
Steve Stoll- 3rd Congressional District
Congressman Ike Skelton - 4th Congressional District
State Senator Harry Kennedy - 3rd District
State Senator Victor Callahan - 11th District
Randall Vaught - 29th District
Sam Berkowitz - 1st District
Mike Waltermath - 5th District
State Representative Rachel Bringer - 6th District
Tom Shivley - 8th District
State Representative Wes Shoemyer - 9th District
State Representative Wayne Henke - 11th District
State Representative Tom Green - 15th District
Jeff Simpson, Sr. - 19th District
Jason Grill - 32nd District
State Representative Gary Kelly - 36th District
State Representative John Burnett - 40th District
State Representative Kate Meiners - 46th District
State Representative Michael R. Brown - 50th District
State Representative Ray Salva - 51st District
State Representative Curt Dougherty - 53rd District
State Representative Fred Kratky - 65th District
State Representative Gina Walsh - 69th District
State Representative Tom George - 74th District
State Representative Michael Spring - 76th District
State Representative Al Liese - 79th District
State Representative Pat Yaeger - 96th District
State Representative Jane Koeller - 97th District
State Representative Sue Schoemehl - 100th District
State Representative Tim Meadows - 101st District
Ron Casey - 103rd District
State Representative Wes Wagner - 104th District
State Representative Harold Selby - 105th District
David Cramp - 106th District
State Representative Brad Robinson - 107th District
State Representative Tom Villa - 108th District
State Representative Belinda Harris - 110th District
Tom Tramel - 112th District
Tom Kruckmeyer - 114th District
Marvalene Pankey - 133rd District
State Representative Frank Barritz - 150th District
State Representative J.C. Kuessner - 152nd District
Gene Oakley - 153rd District
Ralph Herron - 155th District
State Representative Terry Swiper - 162nd District
Jeff McCormick - 163rd District

U.S. Representative Gene Taylor

U.S. Senator Ben Nelson
Senator John Synowiecki - 7th District

Senator John Lee - 1st District
Senator Richard Young - 22nd District

New Hampshire
State Representative Thomas Donovan
State Representative Henry Parkhurst
State Representative Stephen DeStefano
State Representative Paul Brassard
State Representative Peter Sullivan
State Representative Allice McDonough-Wallace
State Representative Robert Haley
State Representative Benjamin Baroody
State Representative Maurice Pilotte
State Represenative Roland Lefebvre
State Representative Claudette Jean
State Representative Roger Berube
State Representative Frank Callagahan
State Representative Roland Hofemann

New Jersey
Tim Robb - 2nd Congressional District

New York
U.S. Representative Mike McNulty

New Mexico
Robert L. Frost - 7th Senate District
Senator Pete Campos - 8th Senate District
State Representative Kandy Cordova - 7th District
Harriet Ruiz - 16th District
Andrew Nunez - 36th District
State Representative Pauline Ponce - 58th District

North Carolina
U.S. Representative Mike McIntyre - 7th Congressional District
State Senator Marc Basnight - 1st District
Jim Crawford - 32nd District

U.S. Representative Tim Ryan
Representative Derrick Seaver
Terry Lyons

Dan Boren - 2nd Congressional District
Susan Paddack - 13 Senate District
Wes Hilliard - 22nd House District

John McColgan- 2nd Congressional District

U.S. Representative Mike Doyle
U.S. Representative Tim Holden
U.S. Representative John Murtha
U.S. Representative Paul Kanjorski
State Representative Tom Tangretti - 57th District
State Representative Edward P. Wojnaroski, Sr. - 71st District
State Representative Thomas Yewcic - 72nd District
State Representative Robert E. Belfanti - 107th District
State Representative Rich Grucela - 137th District
Brendan F. Boyle - 170th District
Jack Wagner - Auditor General
Auditor General Robert Casey Jr. -State Treasurer

Rhode Island
U.S. Representative Jim Langevin

U.S. Representative Lincoln Davis - 4th District
State Representative Nanthan Vaughn - 2nd District
State Representative George Fraley - 39th District
State Representative Charles Curtiss - 43rd District
Gary Moore - 50th District
State Representative Mike Turner - 51st District
State Representative Curt Cobb - 62nd District

Former U.S. Representative Charlie Stenholm
U.S. Representative Solomon Ortiz
U.S. Representative Henry Cuellar

Senator Phillip Puckett - 38th District
Sen. Charles J. Colgan, Sr. - 29th District
Delegate Ward Armstrong- 10th District
Delegate Shannon Valentine- 23rd District
Del. Joe Johnson- 4th District
Del. Bud Phillips- 2nd District

State Representative Mark Miloscia - 30th District
State Representative Al O'Brien- 1st District

West Virginia
Secretary of State Joe Manchin - Governor
Glen Gainer - State Auditor
John Purdue - State Treasurer
U.S. Representative Alan Mollohan
U.S. Representative Nick Rahall
Jeff Kessler
Joe DeLong
Randy Swartzmiller
Timothy Ennnis
Jack Yost
Kenneth Tucker
Scott Varner
J.D. Beane
Brady Paxton - 13th Delegate

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