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DFLA Opposes the New York Abortion Law

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We oppose Governor Cuomo’s new abortion-expansion law, and we are concerned about the health, safety, and welfare of women in New York.

With unlimited public funding and an abortion rate twice the national average, abortion is big business in New York. The governor’s new law will not address the high abortion rate, nor will it help pregnant women who feel pressured or coerced into abortion. The law will help influential and financially flush abortion corporations increase their customer base and profit margin.

The New York budget allows for unlimited funding of abortions through the Medicaid program. According to the New York Department of Health, in 2016, New York tax dollars paid for 40,491 abortions. The average abortion costs $450, which would equal a minimum of $18 million in public funding of abortion and profit to corporations that perform abortions.

Over half – 60 percent – of the women seeking abortions had already had one or more prior abortions, and almost 70 percent of women seeking abortions were minorities. One of every three aborted children was African American, and one of every four was Hispanic. The new law further exploits women, particularly minority populations who are overrepresented in these numbers.

We call on New York legislators – particularly Democrats – to embark on a mission to make New York the state with the lowest abortion rate in the nation. The estimated $18 million that would be spent yearly on abortion could be put, instead, toward programs to prevent pregnancy, including contraception and sex-education, pre-natal and post-natal health care, public housing, affordable child care, and paid maternity leave. Furthermore, we recommend outreach to minority communities to eliminate the perceived racist targeting of minority women and babies.

We must remain true to Democratic Party principles and stop supporting the abortion industry. Instead, we should really start supporting pregnant women. As Democrats, we advocate for progressive solutions to problems facing the weakest in society: the poor, minorities, women, and children – even if they are yet to be born. New York should repeal this anti-women, anti-children law, and no other state should replicate it.

The Reproductive Health Act:

  • removes abortion from the penal code, meaning that anyone who performs an abortion will not be held liable if she or he acts in bad faith. Arguably, Kermit Gosnell would have been within the law in New York. It will be legal in New York to “administer or take drugs with the intent to cause a miscarriage.”
  • allows non-doctors, including nurse practitioners, midwives, and physician assistants, to perform an abortion.  It also gives wide latitude requiring abortion providers only to use “reasonable and good faith professional judgment” to perform an abortion.
  • Allows abortion up to nine months if it is “necessary to preserve the mother’s health or if the fetus isn’t viable.” The mother’s health exception has no specific definition, and it is unclear whether it means physical, mental, or emotional health, and how severe the health concerns should be to justify taking the life a viable infant.
  • allows abortion even in the case of a viable fetus – meaning that the child could survive without the mother. The baby could be delivered alive instead of killed in the womb.


The 'whole life' position includes the right to life for the pre-born

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**The following appeared in The Hill

by Kristen Day

The “whole life” ethic is the heart of the pro-life Democratic message. We advocate a “pro-life for the whole life” position. This means that human life — with inherent dignity — begins in the womb and doesn't end until natural death. It is a consistent position and there are no gray areas.

However, abortion-rights advocates are distorting the “whole life” language, offering excuses for not including life in the womb under the whole-life umbrella.

It is a deliberate attempt to mislead and it cannot be permitted.

The whole-life ethic does not make exceptions for abortion. Being “whole life” means advocating for justice for all — from before birth to natural death and every moment in-between. When it comes to abortion, we acknowledge that there are two lives at stake and we must support both mothers and their children. 

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Michigan Pro-Life Democrats Succeed in Opening the Big Tent to Pro-life Voters National Party Also Opens the Door

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CONTACT: Kristen Day -   (703) 424-6663

August 23, 2018                                                              

Washington, D.C.:  Several counties in Michigan passed conscience language to include pro-life voters in the Democratic Party. Although conscience language did not make the final version of the Michigan Democratic platform, pro-life Democrats will be involved in the convention this weekend and are working toward forming a Pro-life Democratic Caucus.

“It is encouraging to see the Michigan Democratic Party work with pro-life Democrats for compromise and inclusion,” said Kristen Day, the executive director of Democrats For Life of America. We appreciate Michigan Party Chairman Brandon Dillon's willingness to work with our local chapter to find solutions to make our party stronger. Missouri Democratic Party Chairman Steve Webber should take note.”

The Missouri Democratic Party passed an amendment to the platform to include pro-life Democrats and then called a special meeting to eliminate the inclusive language. Both the Michigan Democratic Party and the national Democratic Party have taken stronger measures to show that pro-life Democrats can and should be active members of the party. 

 "We are pleased that both the Michigan Democratic Party and the national Democratic Party have taken a different direction from Missouri. They are embracing an inclusive atmosphere,” said Day.“Our representatives will be at two different Democratic events this weekend.”

Pro-life Democrats will be staffing tables at the Michigan Democratic Convention in Lansing, Michigan, and the National Democratic Committee quarterly meeting in Chicago, Illinois. DFLA believes that running the right person for the district will help bring back Democratic majorities in states such as  Michigan, where Democrats have not controlled both chambers of the legislature since 1983.

“The Republicans hold a 27 to 11 majority in the state Senate and a 63 to 47 majority in the state house," said Day. “If Democrats want to regain control of the Michigan Legislature, opening the big tent and being inclusive is the way to do it. When the party stands behind and embraces all its members, we win. We are moving in the right direction.”


Missouri Party Chairman Closes Door on Pro-Life Democrats - Eliminates Inclusive “Big Tent” Language Approved By Platform Committee

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There is an important election coming up that will determine the balance of the U.S. Senate and the future of the U.S. Supreme Court. The election could also determine whether or not there will be impeachment efforts to rid the White House of Donald Trump.  Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO) is in a very close battle, and all Democrats would like to see her continue her tenure in the U.S. Senate.

Missouri Party Chairman Stephen Webber thinks that the best way to support Senator McCaskill and other Democrats in Missouri is to create an unnecessary battle over abortion.

A few weeks ago, there was a meeting to amend the Missouri Democratic Party platform. A vote took place, and the amendment was accepted. The Missouri Democratic Party then said that they welcome Whole Life Democrats in the party.  The “conscience language” to include pro-life Democrats did not dilute the abortion-rights plank in the Democratic Party platform.

Unfortunately, it does not appear that the acceptance, along with the compromise language, lasted. Party Chairman Webber held a meeting this morning to strip the inclusive language from the platform because nothing says “We we want your vote” more than overturning a fair process of debate and approval. It is very unusual to remove language unilaterally after a platform has been ratified. It makes you wonder about the kind of pressure supposedly “progressive” groups exerted and why. They know that this removal will cause chaos.

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