Pro-Life Dems Honor Gov. Edwards in Philadelphia

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Democrats For Life of America July, 2016

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July 23, 2016

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Pro-Life Democrats Going to Philadelphia to Honor

Pro-Life Governor

Releasing Report on Making Room for Pro-Life Democrats

Washington, D.C. – Democrats For Life of America is inviting pro-life Democrats to join in the call for a Big Tent Party at the DNC Convention and releasing its report, “Make Room for Pro-Life Democrats and the Party Wins.” Governor John Bel Edwards is receiving the Governor Casey Whole Life Leadership Award during a special reception at the Democratic National Convention on Wednesday, July 27.


“The future of the Democratic Party is at stake,” said Kristen Day, executive director of Democrats For Life of American.  “And, John Bel Edwards shows that Democrats can gain victories in Red States like Louisiana, if the party is willing to reverse course, listen to the voters, and support pro-life candidates.”


One in three Democrats are already Pro-Life, and most Americans in the middle support Pro-Life policies, like the halting of federal funding for abortion. But the Democratic Party keeps rejecting its Pro-Life base in favor of extremist positions, further alienating Americans, and risking the future of the country.

Since it abandoned the 50 State Strategy that would have supported Pro-Life candidates, the Democratic Party has lost 912 state legislative seats and the control of 30 state legislative chambers, 69 US House seats, 13 US Senate seats, and 13 governorships.


“We can turn this around by promoting a Whole Life platform that respects people on all side of the abortion questions, and gives room for Pro-Life voters to engage with the party,” said Day. “The current platform elevates abortion to a core value and demands taxpayer funding of abortion both at home and abroad.”


Edwards won in Louisiana in large part because he is Pro-Life. Democrats can take victories from Republicans by embracing whole life ideals, and the voters who support that vision.


Democrats have made this mistake before, when they tried to shut out Gov. Robert Casey, the staunch Pro-Life leader who wasn’t afraid to buck his party in order to stand for his principles. 


“The presidential election race is already beginning to tighten, and the GOP is losing support,” said Day. “Now is the time to reach out and become the party of which all Americans can be proud, not shut the door of a third of its supporters.”


The reception starts at 11 a.m. on July 27 in the Symphony Ballroom at the Double Tree by Hilton at the Philadelphia Center City, 237 S. Broad Street. The program will being at 11:30.




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