DFLA Report Lays Out Key to Win Back the Majority

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Democrats For Life of America
July, 2016
Dear friend,
I am excited! In just one week, we will be at the National Democratic Convention in Philadelphia!
We are almost ready to print our report, “Make Room for Pro-Life Democrats and Achieve our Party Goals Nationwide.”It lays out exactly how excluding pro-life Democrats has hurt the Party and how opening the Big Tent makes us stronger.
We are taking this message to Philadelphia!
We would like to provide a copy of our report to every Democrat in the U.S. House and U.S. Senate but each copy costs $8 to print. Would you consider a contribution to help us make sure each elected official receives a copy? We have enough right now to print 150 copies. If you send as little as $24, we can send  a copy to your U.S. Representative and both U.S. Senators.
With your help, we printed new brochures and I am lookingforward to passing those out at the Convention. With your help, we put up a billboard in Philadelphia letting everyone know that one in three Democrats are pro-life. With your help, we have this beautiful new banner. With your help, we can distribute our report to thousands of elected officials.  
While the platform language looks dour, we are going to make a big impact next week. With 60,000 Democrats converging on Philadelphia, there is no better place to share our mission!
Thank you for all your support and kind words.
Kristen Day
Executive Director
Democrats For Life of America
Help Us Share This Important Report With Your Represenatives!
Do youArticle Image want to make sure your representative receives a copy of the DFLA report “Make Room for Pro-Life Democrats and Achieve our Party Goals Nationwide”?
Please visit our website at www.democratsforlife.org.
Donate to our Open the Big Tent Initiative here.

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