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Democrats For Life of America
July, 2016
Dear Friend,
Last Friday, the Democratic Platform Committee took a radical pro-abortion position in the draft platform, despite pleas from both pro-life and pro-choice advocates to include language in the platform that recognizes the existence of pro-life members in the party and pledges to find common ground. If the convention approves it, our party will go on record as advocating for:
  1. Abortion as a “core value” of Americans.
  2. The repeal of the Hyde and Helms amendments prohibiting the use of taxpayer funds for abortions.
  3. The repeal of reasonable safety regulations for the abortion industry.
Thus, the party has moved from a position of “safe, legal, and rare” to “unlimited and state-supported." 
DFLA is asking you to express your outrage in as many social media outlets as possible. Use the reasons listed below to emphasize the stupidity of this move, or quote the eloquence of US Senator Joe Manchin (WV) when he responded: “That’s crazy!” 
Unless you speak out, the media will not take notice! So send out your personal message on Twitter, Facebook, or elsewhere: "Have you seen the Democratic Platform on abortion? Radically out of the mainstream! Are they crazy? Are they trying to run off voters?" Use the hashtags #thatscrazy #openthebigtent.
Ask all the other pro-life friends you know to join the clamor in social media, spreading the word as far as we can about this affront to American values that is destroying the Democratic Party.
These facts should be causing the Democratic leadership to scramble for a way to turn around election results. Yet, as Matt Iglesias wrote for “[T]he truly striking thing is how close to bottom the party is already and how blind it seems to be to that fact.” Many other political columnists have pointed out the demise of the party, its insane rigidity on abortion support, and its sell-out to the abortion lobby. Nothing could help Donald Trump more than this extreme Democratic abortion stance!
We will make our case in Philadelphia at the Democratic National Convention, so join us if you can.. After you post on social media, send us your ideas and participate!
Kristen Day
Executive Director
Democrats For Life of America
Here are key reasons why the party must include the pro-life position in its considerations and platform—
  1.  One-third of the party membership is pro-life—a number too large to disregard.
  2.   Our party, which champions social justice and the vulnerable in so many other areas, should care about the weakest and most defenseless humans—those in the womb who have no voice.
  3.  For many Democrats, and taxpayers, opposition to abortion is a matter of deep personal conscience, which should be protected under our party's commitment to no discrimination against any creed. 
  4. Polls show Americans are increasingly leaning pro-life:
  • 47% of Americans identify as pro-choice, 46% as pro-life. (, May 2016)
  • 69% of Americans think abortion should be illegal in certain or all cases. (, May 2016)
  • 32% of Democrats and 50% of Independents identify as pro-life. (, May 2015)
  •        56% of Americans oppose taxpayer funding of abortion, and only 39% favor it (CNN Poll 2014), while a 2016 Marist Poll shows 68% opposition.
  1.   Since 2009, when the party ended its "50 State Strategy" of acknowledging pro-life positions, Democrats have seen catastrophic losses:
  • 912 state legislative seats and the control of 30 state legislative chambers,
  • 69 US House seats,
  • 13 US Senate seats, and
  • 13 governorships.
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