Busboys and Poets Shuns and Shuts Out Democrats for Life

Tuesday, January 11, Washington D.C — Democrats for Life of America (DFLA) has been planning for several months with Busboys and Poets to host their annual March for Life Breakfast at the chain’s K-street location in Washington D.C. Today, Busboys and Poets e-mailed DFLA to inform them that the venue was canceled because “guests have reached out about the nature and tenor of the event.” The final decision came after DFLA’s Executive Director, Kristen Day, spoke with one of the restaurant’s managers.

“The Catering Director mentioned to me that Planned Parenthood holds events at the venue which I did not think was relevant to the conversation,” said Kristen. “Clearly, Busboys and Poets caved to pressure instead of abiding by the contract we signed.”

Busboys and Poets describes itself as “a restaurant, bar, bookstore, events space and cultural hub where art, politics and culture intentionally collide.” It is known for interesting speakers, authors and events.

“It was disappointing to receive this cancellation as many of our members are loyal patrons of the venue,” expressed Day. 

In an e-mail sent out today to DFLA donors and supporters explaining the situation, Day exclaimed, “Americans need to know what this cancel culture and top-down hostility toward the life movement results in. It results in bullying, discrimination, and cancellation. Every American has the right to be heard!” 

“Standing for life is the most compassionate position someone can hold. Yet, the pro-abortion movement is so committed to the abusive tactics that they want to use institutions to silence dissent. Don’t let this happen. I can promise you, this isn’t the last you’ve heard from us,” elaborated Kristen.

Today shows us that pro-life Democrats are being shunned and shut out, and not only by the Big Tent Party. Pro-life Democrats need to be accepted and included, and we will not give up in showing that being “pro-life” and “Democrat” are not oxymorons. DFLA will continue to magnify a Whole Life voice and fight for diversity.

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