Does the donation of organs justify capital punishment?

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Governor John Kasich recently stayed an execution of an Ohio man to review if his organs can and should be harvested after he is lethally injected.

Our Ohio DFL Chapter, including, Mary Ann Chimera, Mary Gigandet and John Munnis have been trying to stop the execution.


Mary Ann Chimera writes,

"The only end served by execution is revenge. It does not give closure. It does not restore the victim or the status quo ante. It does not ease the loss. It does not discourage others from committing like crimes."

She further notes that from a financial standpoint, the death penalty is more expensive than housing a person for life.

But now, the State of Ohio is considering allowing the harvesting of organs to save one life by taking another.

Wesley J. Smith writes that this sets a dangerous precedent.

"Here's the problem: The requested donation must be judged in the context in which it was made. This is not a truly freely chosen action. But for being condemned to die, there is no indication that he would have been willing to donate."

What do you think?

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