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Last week, we shared our plans for the upcoming months.


thermometer-1A generous donor liked what they heard and has offered a $20,000 matching grant for a Communications Campaign from today until November 2nd!  We have reached just over 11 percent of our goal!

Any amount you donate will be doubled! 

Our first project will be to update our website so we can better inform you about our legislative action, our pro-life democratic candidates, our events and other actions items we are undertaking.  The updated web site will also make it easier for our Members to easily engage in social media from the site.

Every dollar you donate will have double the impact!  Please contribute today so we can begin the process to bring a new user friendly website to fruition!

The web site is just the first of our goals with the Communications Campaign. We will have many more exciting developments over the next several weeks depending on the success of this campaign!

If you have thought about donating to DFLA in the past but have held back, now is the time to make a difference!