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Lisa, Oregon

Lisa from Oregon, DFLA mugshot

"I'm a prolife Democrat...hoping the Democratic party can get back to it's real roots as a party that respects all life...fighting for the poor, advocating for real needs of pregnant women (health care, child care, education, housing), working for peace."

Lisa, OR

Jeannie, Pennsylvania

Jeannie of PA with her DFLA membership mug

"Regarding DFLA Membership - Finally, I can belong to a pro-life group I can support 100%. Yes please!"

Jeannie, PA

Kristen, Virginia

Kristen of VA with her DFLA membership mug

"I like to drink a hot cup of coffee from my DFLA mug after a cold run."

Kristen, VA

Janet, Minnesota

Janet of MN with her DFLA membership mug

"My mug is a fun reminder of all the great people I have met and worked with along the way in the pro-life movement starting with my mom!"

Janet, MN