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John Bel Edwards - Governor for Louisiana

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"...common sense and compassion for ordinary people."

John Bel Edwards, Pro-Life Candidate for Governor in Louisiana


 Election was Nov 21, 2015


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In announcing his candidacy, Edwards said Louisiana needs “a healthy dose of common sense and compassion for ordinary people.”

Louisiana has the second highest poverty rate in the nation yet the current administration has made budget cuts, including cuts to state hospitals and colleges and universities, that disproportionately affect lower-income Louisianans. Tuition has increased over 80 percent over the past 6 years and almost 20 percent of Louisianans do not have healthcare.

Edwards supports Medicaid expansion to allow more Louisianans to have access to comprehensive health care.

Edwards has a strong pro-life record in his personal life and as a legislator. He and his wife went against a doctor’s recommendation to abort their child when the baby was diagnosed with spina bifida. He also has a 100 percent voting record with Louisiana Right to Life.

"Republicans are already trying to tie Representative Edwards to the extreme abortion position promoted by NARAL and Planned Parenthood just because he is a Democrat," said DFLA Kristin Day in a press release. "But actions and votes speak louder than rhetoric. His actions and record are clear."



ACTION ALERT: Attend Defund PP Rally

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This Saturday, August 22, 2015, the pro-life community will rally together to protest Planned Parenthood.

We encourage you to attend a rally near you. Please do the following:

  • Hand out the DFLA Flyer; and
  • Encourage people to sign up with DFLA.

The media has not been reporting the truth about what Planned Parenthood is doing. The goal of the rally is to put pressure on the media to report the truth and encourage government officials to investigate and defund the abortion giant.

A recent poll indicated that a majority of Americans support defunding Planned Parenthood once they hear about the content of the video's. However, Reporter Emily Stephenson's own headline contradicted the poll's results when she wrote that a majority of Americans still support Planned Parenthood.

At first, the poll respondents show support for Planned Parenthood. Once respondents are informed about the content of the video's, including Planned Parenthood haggling over the price of the hearts, lungs and livers of aborted children and also learn that they consider altering the procedure to preserve intact "specimans", support evaporates rather quickly.

The poll indicated that support for Planned Parenthood funding drops from 54% to 34% of respondents supported defunding Planned Parenthood after hearing about the video's. You can see the poll results here.

That is why we must spread the word to ensure that no tax money goes to Planned Parenthood and instead will be allocated to organizations that protect women's healthcare needs.

Senator Kennedy: A Life Worth Celebrating

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Massachusetts State Senator Thomas Kennedy of Brockton, one of our endorsed candidates in last fall's election, passed away last week. He was 63.
First elected to the Massachusetts House of Representatives in 1983, Senator Kennedy rose to the upper chamber in 2008 following the retirement of Senator Robert Creedon. Prior to his time as a legislator, Senator Kennedy served the City of Brockton as a City Councilor and worked as an aid to former U.S Congressman Brian Donnelly of Dorchester. 
Confined to a wheel chair since an accident left him a quadriplegic as a young Catholic seminarian. Senator Kennedy was a lifelong advocate for the needs of those most vulnerable our society. The unborn, the disabled, the sick, and the dying could all find a friend in Senator Kennedy whom truly lived by whole-life principles. 

We should all be inspired to work harder for all life issues in his memory. 

Democrats Unite in Notable Vote for Life, Born and Unborn

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by J. P. Richardson

When the United States Senate on April 22 voted 99-0 to pass the Justice for Victims of Trafficking Act of 2015, the senators boldly broke through the stopped-traffic gridlock of senatorial intransigence, showing the country what our two-party system can accomplish when everyone aims for the common good above partisan interests.  A long time had passed since Democrats and Republicans voted unanimously on a bill that includes language about abortion.  Maybe this is a first, in fact.  If not a first, the first was so long ago that we don’t remember it.

Every citizen ought to remember this one.  Win-win-win-win.  Victims of human trafficking win, first and foremost, because the bill would provide help, both immediate and long-term, that victims desperately need.  Right-to-lifers win because the language of the Hyde Amendment, which has prevented federal funding of abortion for many years, is preserved in the bill.  Democrats win because Republicans agreed to vote to confirm President Obama’s nominee for attorney general, Loretta Lynch.  And, last but not least, babies not yet born who might have been aborted win their rightful opportunity to keep living their natural lives.


46 Reasons

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On April 29th, I turned 46 years old. Since my 40th Birthday I have observed my birthday with my own personal triathlon to celebrate the years of my life. On my birthday, I ran for 46 minutes, rode my bike 46 miles and swam 46 laps.
I had a lot of time to reflect during those 4 ½ hours.
I contemplated the wonderful years with my husband and  children and their support for my work with the pro-life movement. I  also thought of the thousands of children who have been saved from abortion through the good work of pro-life people who provide support and love to women facing unplanned pregnancies. 
Heartbeat International saves 3000 babies a week by referring women to places that support them during their pregnancy and beyond.  CareNet saved 388,691 babies from abortion in the past 6 years and provided support and education to over 700,000 parents.

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