Elected Pro-Life Democrats

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Below is a list of elected Pro-Life Democrats as of October 25, 2013.  If you know of an elected pro-life Democrat who should be added to the list, please let us know via our contact form.

Pro-Life Democratic Senators

  • Senator Joe Manchin, WV
  • Senator Joe Donnelly, IN

Pro-Life Democratic House Members:

  • Dan Lipinski, IL-03
  • Congressman Collin Peterson, MN-07

Pro-Life State and Local Officials:

If you know of an elected pro-life Democrat who should be added to the list, please let us know via our contact form.

State, DistrictOfficeName
Arizona, 27 State House Catherine Miranda
Arkansas, 58 State House Jody Dickinson
Connecticut State House Jeffery Berger
Connecticut State House Mary Fritz
Connecticut State House Antonio Guerrera
Connecticut State House Peggy Sayers
Florida, 108 State House Daphne Campbell
Idaho, 18 State House Branden Durst
Massachusetts, 1 Norfolk State House Bruce Ayers
Massachusetts, 1 Suffolk State Senate Jack Hart
Massachusetts, 10 Suffolk State House Edward Coppinger
Massachusetts, 12 Hamden State House Angelo Puppolo
Massachusetts, 12 Norfolk State House John H. Rogers
Massachusetts, 12 Plymouth State House Thomas J. Calter
Massachusetts, 13 Middlesex State House James Dwyer
Massachusetts, 14 Suffolk State House Angelo Scaccia
Massachusetts, 16 Middlesex State House Thomas A. Golden
Massachusetts, 17 Essex State House Frank A. Moran
Massachusetts, 17 Suffolk State House John Binenda, Sr.
Massachusetts, 19 Middlesex State House James R. Miceli
Massachusetts, 2 Hamden State House Brian Michael Ashe
Massachusetts, 2 Suffolk State House Eugene O'Flaherty
Massachusetts, 22 Essex State House Marc Lombardo
Massachusetts, 2nd Plymouth & Bristol State Senate Tomas Kennedy
Massachusetts, 33 Middlesex State House Christopher G. Fallon
Massachusetts, 36 Middlesex State House Collen Garry
Massachusetts, 4 Suffolk State House Nick Collins
Massachusetts, 5 Middlesex State House Paul Donato
Massachusetts, 6 Suffolk State House Russell E. Holmes
Massachusetts, 7 Bristol State House Alan Silvia
Massachusetts, 7 Hampden State House Thomas M. Petrolati
Massachusetts, 7 Norfolk State House Walter F. Timilty
Massachusetts, 9 Hamden State House Sean Curran
Massachusetts, Norfolk & Suffok State Senate Michael Rush
Massachusetts, Worcester & Norfolk State Senate Richard Moore
Michigan, 1 Bay County Commission Brandon Krause
Michigan, 2 Bay County Commission Ernie Krygier
Michigan, 84 State House Terry Brown
Michigan, 96 State House Charles Brunner
Minnesota, 1 State Senate Leroy Stumpf
Minnesota, 4 State Senate Kent Eken
Minnesota, 17 State Senate Lyle Koenen
Minnesota, 27 State Senate Dan Sparks
Minnesota, 10A State House John Ward
Minnesota, 10B State House Joe Radinovich
Minnesota, 12A State House Jay McNamar
Minnesota, 17B State House Mary Sawatzky
Minnesota, 24B State House Patti Fritz
Minnesota, 28B State House Gene Pelowski
Minnesota, 3A State House David Dill
Minnesota, 3A State House David Dill
Minnesota, 3B State House Mary Murphy
Minnesota, 4B State House Paul Marquart
Minnesota, 50B State House Ann Lenczewski
Missouri, 41 State House Ed Schieffer
Missouri, 68 State House Keith English
Missouri, 118 State House Ben Harris
New Mexico, 40 State House Nick Salazar
Oklahoma, 5 State Senate Jerry Ellis
Oklahoma, 9 State Senate Earl Garrison
Oklahoma, 12 State House Wade Rousselot
Oklahoma, 13 State Senate Susan Paddack
Oklahoma, 77 State House Eric Proctor
Oklahoma, 89 State House Rebecca Hamilton
Oklahoma, 94 State House Scott Inman
Rhode Island, 1 State Senate Maryellen Goodwin
Rhode Island, 4 State Senate Dominick Ruggerio
Rhode Island, 5 State Senate Paul Jabour
Rhode Island, 6 State Senate Harold Metts
Rhode Island, 7 State Senate Frank Ciccone III
Rhode Island, 8 State House John Joseph Lombardi
Rhode Island, 8 State Senate James Doyle II
Rhode Island, 10 State House Scott Slater
Rhode Island, 10 State Senate Walter Felag, Jr.
Rhode Island, 12 State Senate Louis DiPalma
Rhode Island, 14 State Senate Daniel DaPonte
Rhode Island, 15 State House Nicholoas Mattiello
Rhode Island, 16 State House Peter Palumbo
Rhode Island, 16 State Senate Elizabeth Crowley
Rhode Island, 18 State Senate William J. Conley, Jr.
Rhode Island, 20 State Senate Roger Picard
Rhode Island, 24 State Senate Marc Cote
Rhode Island, 25 State House Jared Nunes
Rhode Island, 26 State Senate Frank Lombardi
Rhode Island, 27 State House Patricia Serpa
Rhode Island, 27 State Senate Hanna M. Gallo
Rhode Island, 29 State Senate Michael J. McCaffrey
Rhode Island, 30 State Senate William Walaska
Rhode Island, 36 State Senate James Sheehan
Rhode Island, 37 State House Samuel Azzinaro
Rhode Island, 42 State House Stephen Ucci
Rhode Island, 43 State House Deborah Fellela
Rhode Island, 44 State House Gregory Costantino
Rhode Island, 49 State House Lisa Baldelli-Hunt
Rhode Island, 50 State House Jon Brien
Rhode Island, 51 State House Robert Phillips
Rhode Island, 52 State House Karen Macbeth
Rhode Island, 54 State House William O'Brien
Rhode Island, 55 State House Arthur Corvese
Rhode Island, 57 State House James McLaughlin
Rhode Island, 58 State House William San Bento
Rhode Island, 64 State House Helio Melo
Rhode Island, 67 State House Jan Malik
Rhode Island, 70 State House John G. Edwards
South Dakota, 1 State House Dennis Feickert
South Dakota, 4 State House Jim Peterson
South Dakota, 4 State House Kathy Tyler
South Dakota, 15 State House Pat Krishman
South Dakota, 17 State House Ray Ring
South Dakota, 18 State House Bernie Hunhoff
South Dakota, 21 State House Julie Bartling
South Dakota, 21 State Senate Billie Sutton
Tennessee, 41 State House John Mark Windle
Tennessee, 43 State House Charles Curtiss
Tennessee, 80 State House Johnny Shaw
Tennessee, 90 State House John DeBerry
Texas, 19 State Senate Carlos Uresti
Texas, 21 State Senate Judith Zaffirini
Texas, 27 State Senate Eddie Lucio, Jr
Texas, 31 State House Ryan Guillen
Texas, 36 State House Sergio Munoz, Jr
Washington, 24 State Senate Jim Hargrove

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