It's time to add a fourth pro-life Democrat to the U.S. Senate!

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Pro-Life Democrat for U.S. Senate Endorsement!
November 19, 2016
Foster Campbell
Candidate Foster Campbell for U.S. Senate from Louisiana
Election is December 10, 2016
It's time to add a fourth pro-life Democrat to the U.S. Senate!
Support Foster Campbell in his bid to become the fourth pro-life Democrat in the U.S. Senate
     As pro-life Democrats, we have only one opportunity this election season to support a pro-life candidate for a U.S. Senate seat, and that is now in Louisiana, where Foster Campbell, a pro-life Democrat, is on the ballot on December 10th
     That is why we are endorsing Foster Campbell for the U.S. Senate Seat!
   The Democratic Party targeted 12 U.S. Senate seats for pick-up in 2016, but they managed to win only two, which is not surprising to us because all their candidates were pro-choice and frequently running in midwestern seats where their positions were out of sync with the values of people they would represent.
   As a pro-life Democrat, I hope you will join me in supporting Foster Campbell, the one U.S. Senate Democratic candidate this election season who supports our values.
   To learn more about Foster Campbell, you can visit his website at
   Although Foster Campbell’s opponent Kennedy claims to be pro-life, he has never taken a vote on it. In fact, Kennedy told the New Orleans Times-Picayune when he was state treasurer that he supported abortion. He was 39 years old. Old enough to know better.  Kennedy said, “I saw it in 1991 as a libertarian issue: Who is best able to make that decision, people or the government?” 
   See what others are saying about the urgency of this race:  
Democrats have one final shot to flip a Senate seat:  "Democrats have one final shot to flip a Senate seat -- but in order to pull off an upset, they need to quickly rally around the Louisiana candidate whose victory could be a bright spot in an otherwise dismal year. Public Service Commissioner – and jovial cattle farmer – Foster Campbell will face off against Republican State Treasurer John Kennedy, a twice-failed Senate candidate, in a Dec. 10 runoff.  On the surface, it might seem like a lost cause: A Democrat running a statewide campaign in Louisiana in the Year of Trump. On the contrary, though, Campbell has a legitimate shot to upset his opponent the same way Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards did in 2015." 
The Hill, 11/14/16
Democrats can't write off the last senate race:
"Local experts give Kennedy a large advantage.
On the other hand ... Democrat John Bel Edwards easily won Louisiana's gubernatorial election just last year. Runoff elections are typically very-low-turnout affairs, where strong passions on one side can produce unusual outcomes -- and it's certainly possible that a reaction for or against Trump's election could produce an unexpected one-sided turnout surge. National Democrats are apparently playing down the election, which has received practically no attention at all in the national media. I think that's an odd choice."
Bloomberg News, 11/16/2016
The Blue Dog faces a flip-flopper in Louisiana Senate race:  "On the surface, this race looks like a lock for four-term Republican State Treasurer John Kennedy. The national GOP machine has rolled in to deliver its final kill of 2016, and all the talking heads have gone ahead and called it for him.  That sounds familiar, doesn’t it?  It wasn’t but a few days ago that people were saying the same thing about Hillary Clinton. Just last year, we heard that kind of talk in a governor’s race that saw Democrat John Bel Edwards pull off an upset victory." 
The Hill, 11/17/2016 
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Not All Bad News

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DFLA Newsletter
November, 2016
The Pro-Life Voice Within the Democratic Party
Statement by Kristen Day 
Executive Director
Democrats For Life of America
When Republicans nominated the most unpopular candidate for president since Barry Goldwater, pundits believed it was a sure thing that Democrats would retake the United States Senate. Rather than appeal to independents and soft Republicans, Democrats continued with a losing strategy.
They nominated a slate of U.S. Senate candidates – many of whom lost their own re-elections just six years ago –  who believe in late-term abortion and taxpayer funding of abortion. The national Democratic message stressed the importance of nominating pro-choice Supreme Court justices and repealing the Hyde Amendment. It once again backfired in purple states.
Our party should not be content being a coastal party and needs to recognize that the bi-coastal messaging does not play in the heartland. Candidates matter. And if the Democratic Party continues to run radically pro-choice candidates in pro-life states, we will never win a majority of seats in the U.S. Senate.
During the Democratic National Convention, Democrats for Life of America issued the “Open the Big Tent” report, which lays out the correlation between the decline of the pro-life Democratic members of Congress and the total number of Democratic members. We thought these numbers could not go any lower, but this election cycle produced three more Republican governors, giving Republicans their highest number in history.
The Democratic Party needs to win again so that a united party can fight for the party’s key economic issues that sustained it in the past:  the right to organize labor, the minimum wage, and Social Security.  Pro-life and pro-choice Democrats can work together to achieve these goals. 
But we cannot do that as a minority party.  We must do three things to win again:
  • Change the party platform to acknowledge our pro-life members and to protect religious conscience
  • Resurrect the “fifty state strategy” while recruiting candidates who reflect their districts’ values
  • Eliminate the litmus test for pro-life candidates.
The last four election cycles have taught us this:
It is time for the Democratic Party to return to its economic and human- rights roots as exemplified by former pro-life Vice President Hubert H. Humphrey, who said, “The moral test of government is how it treats those who are in the dawn of life, the children; those who are in the twilight of life, the aged; and those who are in the shadow of life, the sick, the needy, and the handicapped.”
There were 6 million fewer Democratic voters in 2016 than in 2012. Many of those voters were people I spoke with or have heard from over the past few months. They are concerned that our party has lost its way. They expressed hesitancy about supporting a candidate who supported late-term abortions. They were looking for other options.
We call on our Democratic Party to be representative of the one-third of our members who define themselves as pro-life and to open the big tent to every American who feels politically homeless after this divisive campaign. If we bring pro-life Democrats home in 2020, we can take back the White House. 
Conference Sponsorships
Here are a few options:
Table of Contents

We held our monthly conference call with state leaders this past Wednesday. It was wonderful to hear the successes of some of our pro-life democrat candidates around the nation. We wanted to share some of our victories.
LA: Foster Campbell is headed to a run off in the U.S. Senate race
LA: Sharon Weston Broome is headed to a run off for Mayor of Baton Rouge.
MI: Brian Elder defeated a Planned Parenthood endorsed candidte in the primary and won the general for the State House seat.
MI: DLFA Member and supporter Victor Celentino won re-election for County Commission. 
MA: We can now call State Representative Walter Timilty State Seantor-elect.
NY: DFLA heros State Senator Ruben Diaz and Assemblyman Marcos Crespo, who led the effort to defeat Governor Cuomo's aboriton expation effort, both won handily.
PA: Many victories in Pennsylvania. More on this state in a future e-mail.
RI: Numberous victories in Rhode Island. We will have a full list in a future e-mail.
Did a pro-life democrat win in your state? Please let us know!
Buy Tickets Today for the March for Life Breakfast! 
NEW DATE: March for Life (1-27-2017)
Due to the Inauguration, the March for Life in D.C. has been pushed back one week to January 27, 2017. You can purchase your tickets here.
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Trump Did Not Win, the Democrats Lost

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WASHINGTON D.C. — Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party decisively lost Tuesday’s election, thanks in large part to the party’s extreme abortion position, which alienated would-be Clinton voters. “The election of Donald Trump and the weakness shown in the coalition of Democratic voters should surprise no one,” said Kristen Day, executive director of Democrats for Life of America. “We cautioned in our DNC Report – Make Room for Pro-Life Democrats & Achieve Party Goals Nationwide – that the party is slowly dying and on the way to being irrelevant if it does not start a dialogue with its pro-life members.” For years, Democrats have been eroding their base of pro-life voters as abortion opponents flee to the Independent category and Republican Party. Democrats for Life of America staff have done an analysis that shows a close correlation between loss of pro-life Democratic seats and the overall decline of Democrats in Congress. The recent election reflects the party’s shift to wholesale support for the abortion industry. Standing on a severe party platform on abortion, Hillary Clinton lost soft Republicans, anti-abortion Independents, and millions of pro-life voters in her own party. She lost key states, long part of the Democrats’ Blue Wall, such as Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. “One of the reasons she lost these groups is that she championed an extremist abortion platform, one that embraces so-called later-term abortion and rejects bipartisan efforts such as the Hyde Amendment,” Day said. “Clinton promised that if elected, she would nominate pro-abortion justices to the Supreme Court.” The consequences are dire. Americans throughout the country rejected the Democratic allegiance to abortion-on-demand throughout pregnancy, giving Trump Republican majorities in the House and Senate and in governors’ mansions and state legislatures. “Americans want to see wages rise, and they want to see more people protected with health insurance, and they want to protect the environment, but they absolutely do not support abortion-on-demand,” Day said. DFLA is calling again on the Democratic Party to give a voice to one-third of its membership who identify as pro-life. This means it must #openthebigtent to Americans who feel politically homeless after this divisive campaign. “Candidates matter,” Day said. “And if the Democratic Party continues to run radically pro-choice candidates, we will never win a majority of seats in the Senate or the House, and we may not win the White House for a long time.” The Democratic Party can win when it take steps to embrace a Culture of Life and to truly support women and children in America. The election of Democrat John Bel Edwards in deeply Republican Louisiana shows that pro-life Democrats can succeed. Pro-life Democrat Foster Campbell now has a chance to win the Louisiana Senate seat in the December run-off election against Republican John Kennedy. The party needs to support candidates like Foster, Day said. “We will work tirelessly to support future candidates in the Democratic Party who can appeal to voters who acknowledge and understand the humanity of the unborn person and who believe that late-term abortion is wrong. The Democratic Party is going to be the party of coastal, urban elites if it does not change course and respect the social conscience of pro-life voters.”

Join and Support Pro-life Gatherings!

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The Pro-Life Voice Within the Democratic Party
NEW DATE: March for Life (1-27-2017)
Due to the Inauguration, the March for Life in D.C. has been pushed back one week to January 27, 2017.
We are planning to convene for breakfast at 8:30 a.m. and march as a group to the Supreme Court. Please save the date and plan on joining us if you are coming to Washington, D.C. We will have more information to follow.
We will also have a group and a meeting place at the Walk for Life West Coast in San Francisco, CA, and the Choose Love Pro-Life demonstration in Los Angelos, CA, both on January 21, 2017.
The Walk for Life's goal is "to change the perceptions of a society that thinks abortion is an answer. Abortion does violence to women and to their children, both physically and emotionally." The want people to know that we all "deserve better than abortion."
The Choose Love event celebrates the beauty and dignity of every human life from conception to natural death. At the walk in downtown LA there will be music, speakers and food.
If you would like to help coordinate our activities around the March for Life, please contact Kristen Day.
Two New Articles on the Blog
Please vArticle Imageisit the "Whole Life Democrat" for 2 new blog pieces. The first article is written by DFLA fellow Matt Tuman about the dangerous new law in Illinois.
The second article is written by DFLA Executive Director Kristen Day. She writes about the compassionate side of the pro-life movement that focuses on support and understanding of women in unplanned or crisis pregnancies.
Conference Sponsorships
One of our biggest challenges is letting people know that pro-life democrats exist.
We have set a goal to be present at a few conferences in 2017. We have listed below, the locations and amounts needed to sponsor a table at each one. We need a minimum of $5,540 to sponsor the 5 conferences below. Can we count on you to help? Click here to donate to our conference sponsor fund.
Here are a few options:
Table of Contents
Our Michigan Chapter made  a valient effort to modifiy their State Party platform. They are continuing the good fight to preach inclusion for those who believe support for pregnant women -as contrasted with paying for their abortions - should be our main focus.
John O'Neill, who is a candidate for County Commission, had the following published in the Leelanau News.
To the Editor,
"A Pro-life Democrat, I value a healthy society: decent jobs, robust business climate, equitable pay, homes workers can afford, care for the earth. I prompted local Democrats to declare: “We respect the conscience of each American and recognize that members of our party have deeply held and sometimes differing positions on issues of personal conscience, such as abortion and the death penalty. We recognize the diversity of views as a
source of strength, and we welcome into our ranks all Americans who may
hold differing positions on these and other issues.” I will bring such values
to the commission. 
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DFLA Mission Statement

Democrats For Life of America advocates and supports programs and policies that respect and promote life from conception to natural death. This includes, but is not limited to, opposition to abortion, capital punishment, and euthanasia.  Learn more...