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Texas Abortion Ban

I Stand With Kirsten

I Stand with Kirsten!

I Support Human Rights for All!

Several months ago, Kirsten Powers, USA Today Contributor, Daily Beast Columnist, and Fox News Contributor, bravely challenged the media on the “black out” of the Gosnell Trial.  Her column in USA Today, “Philadelphia abortion clinic horror” challenged the integrity of the news media and the “deafening silence” of coverage on the horrors of the abortion clinic.  Kirsten contrasted this “media blackout” with the “non-stop media hysteria” when Rush Limbaugh challenged Sandra Fluke over her birth control statement.


Texas Abortion Ban

Here's some background on what has been happening ---

7/12/2013 -  The Senate is expected to vote on final passage today or Saturday.

7/10/2013 - The House passed the bill by a vote of 96-49 and sent the bill back to the Senate.

7/03/2013 -- An enormous pro-life victory occurred on Tuesday night as a sea of blue flooded the Capitol to support HB 2 at the House State Affairs Committee hearing. Supporters arrived from across Texas, including Bryan/ College Station, Central Texas, Corpus Christi, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, and many more. Of the 3,543 people who registered a position on the bill, 2,181 registered in favor of the bill, and only 1,355 registered against the bill.